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What We Do

We transform businesses through the implementation of new technology, strategies, and process.

Our engagement models vary; from taking end-to-end responsibility for the successful delivery and ongoing iteration of a defined product, to embedding ourselves within client teams to increase their throughput with our best practices and mentoring.

Ruby on Rails

Web Applications

iOS Applications

Android Applications

E-commerce Platforms


API Development

Software Development

High-traffic backend platforms, APIs, web applications, and beautiful native mobile apps.

Digital Transformation

We help clients transform their internal engineering and product processes to drive better business outcomes (and happier teams).

Executive Tech Leadership

We’ve run large technology organizations, built teams from the ground up, and successfully led products to become market leaders. We can help you fill an interim need.

Product Strategy

Starting with a deep understanding of your business, goals and customers, we help you maximize results across the product life cycle.

User Experience Design

Guided by research, best practices, and user insights, we create compelling, engaging, experiences that deliver on the KPIs.

  • Neil Markey Former Chief Technology Officer, Stella & Dot

  • Michael Drudzinski Executive Director of Digital Product Management, Beachbody

  • Meera Bhatia Chief Product Officer, Stella & Dot

Who We Are

We are 70+ technologists who are passionate about delivering great products and growing businesses.

Our executive leadership and team members bring a wealth of experience from multiple verticals and technologies. We’ve scaled start-ups to the 100M+ mark. We've helped larger companies expand their market and revenue through new tech offerings. As a company, we have particularly deep expertise in large-scale backend platforms, ecommerce, direct sales, and the fitness and lifestyle spaces.

Whitespectre has team members located across the world with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. We invest heavily in the continuous development of each team member.

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Our Philosophy

Define, Deliver, Iterate

‘You manage what you measure.’ We believe the best products start with clear business drivers and then evolve iteratively, based on data-driven decision making, customer insights, and user-centric design.

Design to Scale

Our motto: never overengineer, but always design for the future. Scaling technology is an art and a science. We believe in understanding a system’s performance requirements and delivering the most simple, robust and maintainable solution to exceed these.

Transparent Collaboration

We use the principles of Agile to help our clients build the right product and in a way that allows for regularly releasable increments. Progress is presented every sprint, with shared burndowns for 100% transparency.

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