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A mobile app to elevate customer engagement and boost revenue for Purple Carrot


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A plant-based meal subscription leader ready to take on mobile

Driven by the transformative potential of technology in shaping healthy dietary habits, Purple Carrot has revolutionized plant-based eating through their exciting meal kit subscription service.

While initially rooted in a web-only platform, Purple Carrot wanted to expand their reach through a mobile application. Aiming to diversify their product offering and forge deeper customer relationships, Purple Carrot entered their next stage of growth with a valuable opportunity to accelerate the process and enter the mobile space just in time for the New Year.

As expert UX/UI and development partners, we were thrilled to enable Purple Carrot in achieving this latest milestone, co-creating an engaging and compelling mobile application to boost engagement and customer loyalty, fuel AOV and CLV, and foster innovation and growth.

The power in partnership

A new mobile application that augmented Purple Carrot's web-only platform offered immense growth potential. It presented the unique opportunity to reimagine the user journey when interacting with the brand. This called for a strategic and efficient approach featuring progressive releases and a phased rollout centered around existing users. In addition, the mobile app would be leveraged to efficiently validate and potentially extend features across both platforms.

For this project, Whitespectre's bespoke Managed Delivery Team composed of product managers, UI/UX designers, and software developers worked as a collective unit with Purple Carrot's product design, marketing, and data experts. Together, we combined our strengths to deliver an enhanced mobile app experience with optimized performance, delighting customers and keeping them coming back for more delicious plant-based meals.

Data-driven design with users at the forefront

The mobile app needed to provide customers with fast and easy access to Purple Carrot’s offering, along with a more engaging way to customize and manage orders, discover new products, and select add-ons.

To achieve this, our client-hybrid team worked together to devise strategies for pre-development validation and user testing to refine the app's structure, wireframes, prototypes, and production betas. Purple Carrot played a pivotal role in driving the approach forward through in-depth 1:1 user interviews with carefully selected customers from their highly engaged Meta community.

With insights and rich data now in hand, smart design decisions were made to deliver elevated UI and UX on the app. These included responsive micro-interactions and persistent login for a snappier experience, as well as a dynamic homepage that featured personalized messaging and highlighted new recipes. In addition, the main navigation was refined to ensure seamless menu exploration and order customization. To further encourage user adoption and engagement, Whitespectre designers also integrated task-oriented UI, concise content, and clear calls-to-action that mirror typical eCommerce interactions.

As a result, the mobile app offered a first-class experience with the right blend of familiarity, form, and function that enabled loyalty and revenue increase.

Using smart code sharing to streamline mobile app development

Over the years, we built a reliable Rails-based web application that served Purple Carrot well. To support their growth, we strategically shifted to a more scalable architecture, which involved designing a robust API, abstracting business logic into models, and migrating to a more efficient and reusable React-based framework.

The approach proved invaluable when we developed their React Native mobile app. Leveraging the shared models and API, we seamlessly integrated the mobile app with the existing web app ecosystem, saving significant time and effort. The implementation also enabled easy updates to frontend business rules across both platforms, ensuring optimal development efficiency while tailoring experiences to each platform's specific user requirements.

The result: A successful, revenue-boosting mobile app launch

Since its launch, Purple Carrot's new mobile app has seen consistently increasing adoption and usage, amassing positive reviews and an impressive 4.8-star rating on the Apple App Store.

These results are a testament to the ongoing partnership between Whitespectre and Purple Carrot. As a result, Purple Carrot is enabled to offer their customers an easier and more attractive UI and UX that drives engagement, product discovery, and order customization.

By staying committed to data-driven insights and putting customers at the forefront of our decisions, we continue to refine the product strategy to acquire and engage both new and existing customers, as well as identify new upselling and personalization opportunities. Today, Purple Carrot customers can effortlessly manage and customize their orders to enjoy more plant-based goodness.

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