Meet Lucila Senador, Senior Product Manager

Unexpected turns and embracing opportunities

If adaptability were a person, it’d be Lucila.

Her journey into the tech world wasn’t exactly planned. Starting out with a career in architecture in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lu - as she’s affectionately known at Whitespectre - unexpectedly pivoted to working with user testing manuals for a tech company.

Going through these manuals and all sorts of product documentation sparked her interest in tech and fuelled her curiosity. “I'm here kind of by chance”, Lu says, “It’s not that I had this all figured out from the start. It was more about grabbing opportunities as they came”, reflecting on her early career. Being a curious person who enjoys learning the “why” behind things, this newfound interest led her to study computer science.

Her analytical skills made Lu realize that she was more interested in the big picture rather than coding. Transitioning to Product Management was a natural shift, driven by her desire to understand and solve complex problems. “I always leaned more towards analyzing requirements and understanding the business side of things, rather than the coding part”, she explains. “I realized early on that I wasn't cut out for the hardcore technical side but had a knack for leadership and working with teams. Because I know from being on the other side the difference that a good product manager can make, I wanted to be that product manager, the one I wanted to have when I was part of the team. That was my way into product management”.

Life at Whitespectre

Lu has been at Whitespectre for 8 years, and has been based out of Andorra for the last two. She has worked on several diverse projects, constantly pushing the boundaries of product management. While working on the Merryfield project, Lu played a pivotal role in transitioning their mobile apps to a unified React Native application, a decision she advocated for from the start and that significantly, positively impacted the business. “It was about seeing the potential for a major strategic shift and then making it happen”, Lu recalls.

What does a typical day at work look like? “I don't have a typical day”, Lu explains. “I have must-have meetings with clients and a prioritized to-do list. I organize my day around focus time and meetings, ensuring I cover both interaction and deep work”.

She practices what she calls “self agile” to manage her workload, balancing direct client interactions with strategy work. “My calendar is a mix of meetings and focus blocks. It keeps me grounded and ensures I’m always moving forward on projects”, she says.

“The best parts are the challenges and the people. I love being the glue that connects teams and tackling work that's always evolving. There's no room for boredom because it's constantly changing and I'm always learning”, she explains.

Being a Product Manager is about more than just delivering solutions in Lu’s view - it's about teamwork, keeping everything together and running smoothly as part of a whole - “It's not just building the right solution. It's building the right team. The team is part of the solution. Understanding client needs and ensuring internal alignment is as much a part of the solution as the product itself”, she emphasizes, highlighting how the role blends her technical skills with a passion for problem-solving and people management.

On working remotely

Having worked remotely for 13 years, Lu values the focus and productivity it brings. She emphasizes communication and trust as key to managing teams across the globe: “You really make communications count. It's specific, very focused”, she says. “Remote work forces you to be intentional about your communications. Managing a team remotely requires clear communication, transparency, and a bit of foresight. You have to be proactive, ensuring you're always a step ahead in sharing updates”, she advises.

Looking ahead

An early adopter, Lu is eager to delve deeper into AI, seeing it as a space ripe for growth and innovation. “I'm an AI enthusiast, I use AI daily. It’s become a critical part of problem-solving and decision-making in my work. I would love to work more on AI projects like the AIScribe for Jira documentation tool”, she says.

Lu is especially keen on exploring how AI can influence product management and the next generation of product managers themselves. “AI is changing how we work, taking over more routine tasks and highlighting the need for soft skills in product management. The next generation will need to excel in critical thinking, empathy, and strategy more than ever. It's these human skills, combined with AI, that will make future product managers truly stand out”, she predicts.

While she’s not one for rigid career planning, she’s passionate about working on projects that challenge her and working alongside people she respects. “For me, it’s about continuous learning and being part of a team that’s pushing the envelope”, Lu states.

Her advice to newcomers is straightforward: “Trust your gut… that's always something that drove me through the right direction”. Lu emphasizes the importance of empathy and the willingness to look beyond oneself. “Success in this role is about the success of your team and the project, not individual accolades”, she concludes.

Lu’s story is one of a dynamic career shaped by curiosity, adaptability and a deep, genuine commitment to team success. Her journey highlights that oftentimes, the most rewarding paths in tech come from unexpected beginnings and a readiness to tackle new challenges head-on.

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