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Deploying AWS Lambdas Using GitHub Actions

AWS Lambda can offer unparalleled benefits as a serverless computing platform, but the manual deployment process can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple environments. Learn how we leverage GitHub Actions to deploy multiple AWS Lambda functions at once, dramatically improving our continuous deployment process.

Best Practices for Building Robust and Secure AWS Lambda Functions

Protecting a business from worst case scenarios is key when using a Lambda function to integrate a third-party event with a modern cloud application. We share best practices and the functionality you need to build a robust and secure production-ready Lambda function.

AbortController API: A Modern Approach to JavaScript Lifecycle Events

New JavaScript APIs, such as AbortController, are revolutionizing the way we write code by enhancing readability and maintainability. We share code examples of how you can use the AbortController API to improve code and simplify the event lifecycle management.

Meet Sasha Sivchenko, Senior UI/UX Designer

A creator, explorer, and lifelong learner - Sasha shares how he discovered his passion for UI/UX, finding a balance between life and work, and what it’s like being a Senior UI/UX Designer at Whitespectre.

Supporting Multiple Modals in React Native: A New Approach

Managing multiple modals is a limitation seen in both React Native’s standard modal implementation and in popular third-party libraries. Learn how we came up with our own approach to address this, and how to use our rn-modal-presenter library.

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