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AI for Efficient Coding: What Engineering Leaders Need To Know

Considering adding AI-powered tools to your team's software development workflows? Get Whitespectre’s firsthand insights from experiments integrating AI tools to boost coding efficiency and effectiveness.

5 Best Under-The-Radar React Native Libraries in 2023: Dev Tested and Reviewed

Given our extensive use of React Native and recent community progress, we’re excited to delve into 5 under-the-radar but impactful React Native libraries that further bridge the gap to a native feel. Discover how these tools can enhance automated testing, upgrade animations, and streamline styling in your 2023 projects.

A Day in the Life of Ana Babac, React Native Engineer

Ana shares her evolution from full stack to front-end engineer, working at Whitespectre on different software projects, and striking a balance between her many hobbies and training her playful Border Collie pup, Cora.

Building Offline-First React Native Apps with React Query and TypeScript

Offline-first React Native apps offer a responsive and seamless user experience even without internet connectivity. Using an example app, we’re going to share how you can boost their performance and reliability by leveraging React Query and TypeScript during development.

Secure Software Development: A 3-Phase Battle-Tested Security Approach

When executed correctly, a structured security approach prevents costly breaches, fosters a security-first culture, and ensures the success of your software projects. Read on for insights, best practices, and actionable steps from our 3-phase, battle-tested strategy.

Smart Code Sharing for Streamlined React Development: An Inside Look

Maintaining efficiency and minimizing repetition in multi-platform development can be a challenge. Discover how we leaned into code reusability to accelerate development of an enterprise React Native application and how to use code sharing overall to fast track development and maximize efficiency.

Deploying AWS Lambdas Using GitHub Actions

AWS Lambda can offer unparalleled benefits as a serverless computing platform, but the manual deployment process can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple environments. Learn how we leverage GitHub Actions to deploy multiple AWS Lambda functions at once, dramatically improving our continuous deployment process.

Best Practices for Building Robust and Secure AWS Lambda Functions

Protecting a business from worst case scenarios is key when using a Lambda function to integrate a third-party event with a modern cloud application. We share best practices and the functionality you need to build a robust and secure production-ready Lambda function.

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