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Smart Tools to Power Ruggable's Global Rise


  • Engineering

  • UI/UX Design


  • Node.js

  • Next.js

  • TypeORM

  • React.js

The Challenge: A market leader ready to unlock global expansion

Ruggable stands out in the market with its innovative, machine-washable rugs featuring a unique two-layer system. This system not only makes it easier for customers to keep rugs clean, but also offers a novel, more sustainable way to update home decor with Ruggable’s extensive catalog of interchangeable designs. This has made them a beloved leader in the home goods space, with millions of orders a year.

A core part of Ruggable's success and approach is their end-to-end management of their entire production process. Their high-volume, made-to-order operations involve a massive variety of rug designs and complex warehouse logistics. When Ruggable approached us, their fragmented digital systems and highly manual processes had become a bottleneck, impacting efficiency and lacking the necessary data and visibility for scaling.

Whitespectre joined forces with Ruggable to develop a custom-built Warehouse Management System (WMS) tailored to their needs. Our dedicated team, comprised of 3 engineers, 1 QA engineer, and a UI/UX designer, worked closely with Ruggable's product and engineering groups to align on their core vision and needs. Through a collaborative process, including workshops, in-depth user interviews, and architecture reviews, we comprehensively understood the core challenges and opportunities and began designing and building the right solution.

Whitespectre has been a massive help in revolutionizing our operations. Because of the uniqueness of Ruggable's business, no immediate plugin in the market suited us. Instead, Whitespectre developed a holistic suite of applications that power our end-to-end operational processes.”

AJ WoodSenior Director, Product Management

Identifying key opportunities

Our in-depth review with Ruggable's team revealed critical needs and areas of improvement for their warehouse systems.

  • Digital Transformation: Transitioning away from a non-integrated, spreadsheet-based system to an integrated digital ecosystem for real-time data and end-to-end traceability.

  • Automation: Automating repetitive tasks to streamline processes and reduce the risk of errors.

  • Unified Data Flow: Eliminating data silos created by disconnected systems and architecting interconnected solutions.

  • Mobile Workforce Empowerment: Replacing reliance on laptop stations with mobile-friendly tools, allowing staff to work efficiently on the go.

  • Faster Onboarding for a Diverse Workforce: Ensuring that the UX of the new tools was far more intuitive and visual, helping to transcend language barriers and onboard employees faster.

Moving fast while building to scale

Ruggable's motto, "we start by starting," perfectly aligned with our Agile development philosophy. This meant creating minimal versions (MVPs) of each core WMS application, allowing for rapid user feedback and swift iteration. This approach enabled Ruggable to get value and learnings from the tools as quickly as possible, so that step-by-step we could refine the WMS into the powerful solution it is today.

For the front-end, Next.js was chosen, a React framework known for its performance optimization and server-side rendering capabilities. We combined this with TypeScript, ensuring strong typing and code maintainability for long-term use. On the back end, Node.js provided the scalability and asynchronous processing power to handle Ruggable's growing needs. Additionally, TypeORM served as the object-relational mapper (ORM), facilitating seamless data storage and retrieval.

The Solution: The three pillars of the WMS

The core of the Warehouse Management System consists of three interconnected modules:

  • Movable: Provides a user-friendly interface for managing internal material movement with improved visibility. Movable leverages mobile-friendly applications, replacing clunky laptops with handheld scanners for a more on-the-go experience.

  • Countable: Optimizes cycle counting processes, improving accuracy and reducing time spent on inventory audits. This ensures managers have a clear picture of available stock, allowing for data-driven production planning and material procurement.

  • Receivable: Streamlines the receiving process by empowering warehouse personnel to efficiently track incoming materials, ensuring accuracy and proper placement within the warehouse. This eliminates errors and streamlines inventory management from the get-go.

Whitespectre's work on our internal tooling has been foundational for us. It has significantly strengthened our confidence in inventory management, allowing us to streamline upstream, ordering, and manufacturing planning. The data injected with these applications has given us the ability to track every decision and instilled a sense of security in our strategic planning for other products.”

AJ WoodSenior Director, Product Management

The Outcome

The Ruggable WMS has become a solid foundation for their success, processing millions of orders annually and successfully supporting their global expansion. Overall, the solution delivers three key benefits:

  • Greater Efficiency: Standardized, intuitive tools at each stage unify workflows, ensuring consistency, reducing manual errors, and eliminating data silos. The combined results significantly streamline operations and improve margins.

  • Data-driven Optimization: Real-time warehouse data empowers informed decision-making across production planning, reducing waste and optimizing inventory levels.

  • Scalable Foundation: The WMS is designed for scalability, supporting Ruggable's international expansion and adapting to the specific needs of new markets.

  • AI-Ready: With vast amounts of structured data now flowing through the WMS, Ruggable is well-positioned to successfully leverage AI to further optimize their planning and operations.

Future-ready: a partnership that helps keep Ruggable in the lead

Our collaboration with Ruggable shows the power of a shared vision and a strong working relationship. Both companies share a similar culture: prioritizing quality, the continuous delivery of business value, and a data-driven approach. The work we've done together has driven major results for Ruggable. Our ongoing partnership empowers Ruggable to move even faster towards their future goals.

Today, our relationship has grown to also include data engineering, working alongside their internal teams to scale these efforts to the next phase. We're proud to continue contributing to Ruggable's success and growth.

The strength of Whitespectre is the unit nature of the team, which blends in seamlessly with ours, and we have really good, cohesive communication. They have been quick to plug into our existing infrastructure, have always provided insightful suggestions and quality checks are at the forefront of their tech and design work. The Whitespectre team is first and foremost quality-focused and that's one of the outstanding reasons that we want to continue to work with them.”

AJ WoodSenior Director, Product Management

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