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Spotting a Market

In 2016, we noticed that Intermittent Fasting was growing in search traffic online.  Yet, when we looked in the App Store, there were few results for the term.  Furthermore, the existing applications lacked key functionality and a good user experience.  We believed we could create an app that would distinguish itself through its usefulness, usability and visual design.  

Early Validation, Steady Growth

We kept the initial feature set as small as possible, while still creating something we believed would significantly help users stay consistent in their fasting.  Our goal was to validate the concept and collect data with the minimum amount of initial investment and maintenance needed.  We saw our user base grow each month, and received many thankful and thoughtful emails from users with suggestions.  Due to the timing of client projects, the team was unable to do much iterating that first year.  Despite that, we made GQ's Top 10 Fitness Apps of 2016.

Adding Revenue

As our download rate increased and the market grew, the team saw the opportunity to acquire paid subscribers.  We projected our upgrade percentages and designed a feature set, based on user feedback and usage patterns, with the goal of making back the investment in 4-6 months.  We exceeded our goal and have seen upgrade rates of 10-12%, even when experimenting with pricing, which exceed the industry benchmarking in this vertical.  Furthermore, we found that the paid feature set significantly increased retention.

Launching the Watch App

More recently the team has focused on launching and iterating on the Apple Watch app as well as evolving our approach on iCloud data syncing.  We've seen interest in the Intermittent Fasting space explode and continue to evaluate opportunities to experiment further with the app.  

In the meantime, we continue to see strong downloads and usage, high ratings, and positive user feedback.  To date, the app has been featured in The Guardian, Fast Company, and GQ.  

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