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Dottie - Driving Sales for a Mobile Workforce

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The Brief

Known for being a technology leader in the Direct Sales industry, Stella & Dot excelled at providing its sales representatives (known as ‘Stylists’) with a full suite of ecommerce tools and social media and technology training. However, in 2013, the majority of in-person orders were still being done with paper order forms. The company wanted a solution that would provide Stylists and customers with a better ordering experience and increase Stylist productivity overall.

The Challenge

Create an app that would improve sales per rep while providing a modern and secure platform for Stylists to ‘work anywhere’.  Find ways to increase sales during the in-person order flow; make follow-up and lead generation activities easy and fast.

The Solution

‘Dottie’ - a “sell on the go” iPad app that included an interactive product catalog, full order flow, sales training, and tools to follow up with customers.

Designed to enhance the in-person Stylist/Customer interaction, Dottie discretely supported Stylists through the sales process.  The order flow made promotions and discounts clear and prominent. The photo-rich catalog feature allowed them to showcase products when they didn't have samples on-hand.  In cases where an item was sold out, Stylists could get quick alternative product recommendations.  And their customers felt more secure paying with a credit card swipe, rather than writing down payment details. 

  • Interactive product catalog
  • Promotion engine + upsells
  • Order placement 
  • Contacts, lead tracking, and order management
  • Video training library


Dottie launched in Q3 of 2013. Within three months, 45% of Stella & Dot’s trunk show orders were placed through the app. Orders placed through the app had a 20% higher average order value vs. other channels.

In 2015, Dottie transitioned to an in-house team while Whitespectre took on new projects at Stella & Dot. Today the app is available exclusively for Stylists through an Apple Enterprise distribution.

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