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Rethinking wearable IDs

Initially designed for use in the healthcare space, IDION'S wearable identification solution was gaining traction as a way to drive experiential marketing initiatives at events and within hospitality settings. Think everything from industry conferences to music festivals to resort settings. Critically, the IDION disc provided sponsors of these events with a way to collect rich, location-based data on attendees who opted in, something that was otherwise difficult to achieve in a live setting.

Moving past the pilot stage

The IDION team had run pilot events with promising results. But the software behind these initiatives was only "proof of concept" It was difficult or impossible to re-use components for different scenarios, there was no admin, and data consolidation and analysis was cumbersome and manual. IDION came to us, knowing they needed a better solution in order to grow.

Delivering a New Vision

We worked with the IDION executive team to define their next stage product strategy and then the architectural approach to replace their legacy solutions. The end vision was a unified platform that’s adaptable for multiple verticals, enabling the company to scale in both the short and long-term, and to do so with a phased investment in technology rather than all at once.

From there, the team entered the delivery phase, building out the platform and mobile apps while also supporting new initiatives for IDION’s clients. This enabled IDION to realize returns from their new technology as quickly as possible and build a stronger sales pipeline.

Key features
  • IOS and Android IDION Events apps, built with React Native
  • Real-time data collection and reporting
  • Security and data masking features
  • Event set-up and management

  • Whitespectre has been a true partner for us. They’ve demonstrated professionalism and expertise through every step of the process, from the early stages of architecture and planning to launch. It’s been impressive seeing how they’ve been able to deliver.

    - Michael Gilvary, CEO IDION

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