Why is Digital Sustainability Important?

Focusing on digital sustainability is a win-win for both the environment and the user experiences we create. In Part 2 of our series on digital sustainability, we dive into the importance of conscious interactivity, tidy code, and device longevity.

12 Core Principles for Premium Quality UX Design

What makes incredible products so incredible? It’s all about the user experience. In Part Three of our UX Design Series, learn the 12 core principles of premium quality UX design.

The UX Design Process

In Part One of this series, I described UX Design as a process. And a process is defined as a set of successive phases of a complex phenomenon or event. So what are the phases of UX Design?

What Do UX Designers Actually Do?

How do you define user experience design? Whitespectre’s senior UX designer Ivan Pla shares his insights on the essential but often misunderstood role of a UX designer and the overlapping worlds of UX, UI, and usability.

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